Selecting Quality Tennis Equipment

You have made your decision to play tennis. This is a great sport to get into since it is not only a very physical sport which helps you get fit, it is also a mentally-challenging game. It is an interactive sport that allows you to meet new people as well.

Having said that, you do have to choose your equipment for the sport. The choices for tennis equipment can be overwhelming, but with these helpful tips, you can breeze by selecting the best equipment in the market.

Tennis Racket

This is the item that you need to invest on. More often than not, people choose the most reasonably-priced item out there thinking it’s good enough for the game. However, the cheap ones do not last long—it cannot endure the brunt of strong hits very well. Tennis does involve brawn when it comes to doing shots so the racket should be durable and made with the best materials.

There are three basic kinds of rackets; the beginner, intermediate and the pro or advanced racket. Each racket differs in terms of size, weight and string tension. To guarantee that you will get the racket that is best for you size and skill level, you can talk to a local tennis professional about the best rackets out there. Majority of tennis shops have expert staff that can help you with your dilemma as well. If you decide to buy a racket at a sporting goods shop, select a store that has staff that is knowledgeable about the game.

Tennis Balls

There are two kinds of tennis balls that are often used in the sport; the pressurized and the pressure-less balls. Pressurized refers to conventional tennis balls that come with a hollow, air-filled core. It is the ball that is frequently used for the game however it wears out rather quickly and loses their bounce after a month. Hence you need to replace them.

Pressure-less balls meanwhile are newer types that the pros use for their game. It has better bounce, are washable items and is a lot durable compared to conventional pressurized balls. Both balls differ in terms of feel, and you will notice these differences after testing both items.

Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are also something you need to invest on since you will be required to run and sprint around a lot. There are specific shoes made for tennis—these shoes are designed and built differently compared to other types of shoes. Test a pair of shoes out first; you can run around and see if the shoes feel comfortable on your feet while you move. Athletic gear stores usually allow customers to try out shoes first before purchasing.

Other Items

Players also need a durable bag where they can store their gear. Go for a bag that can contain all of your items from towels, the racket, extra balls, wristbands, headbands and an outfit for the game.

Tennis is a physical sport, so you will sweat it out for hours on the court. Hence you do need some reliable headbands and wristbands. You do not want sweat dripping in your eyes and hands while you are holding and swinging a racket.

As for tennis outfits, choose items of clothing that will not hamper your movement while playing. They should be comfortable while at the same time, allow you to look good on the court.


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