Recommended Warm-Up Exercises for Tennis Games

Tennis can be physically demanding so it is imperative that players should first get into the best warm-up exercises before training and competitions. Undergoing warm-up exercises can improve the fitness of players, and it also reduces injury risks.

It is recommended that players undergo a planned sequence of warm-up routines which includes stretching and cardio. The routine should be done 10 to 15 minutes before a training, practice or competition. Here are some exercises which can help minimize injuries and help players develop their balance, movement, and dexterity.

  1. Cardio

A cardio routine should be performed for 3 to 5 minutes. Players can run or skip for this routine. The primary purpose of cardio is to boost blood circulation and heart rate so the joints and muscles will be prepped for the practice, training or match.

  1. Stretching

Stretching must be done following a game. Due to the physical demands of the sport, players do experience fatigue and tiredness. As soon as practice or competition is over, players should jog until their breathing slows down and leads to a resting heart rate. The player then must follow through with a stretch program by keeping in stretches for up to a minute. The program must focus on constricted spots all over the body.

  1. Activation of the muscles

To lose problems with instability all over particular joints or take away muscle imbalance, players must stimulate muscles and facilitate them to function over the course of exercise. This can be done by means of muscle activation routines. Some recommended routines are shoulder external rotation, four-point extension, and supine bridge.

  1. Shadowing

This is the last stage of the warm-up program. Shadowing refers to mimicking motions that are done on the court. Shadowing facilitates the nervous system to work and guarantees that the body keeps track of particular motion patterns. Shadowing exercises for tennis games can be utilized to assist players to be mentally prepared for competitions, training or practice. Shadowing intensity must increase per 20 to 30 seconds. It is advised that players must perform shadowing exercises up to 3 minutes alternating between overhead, volleys, serves, forehands and backhands.

  1. ROM (range of motion)

Tennis exercises is a good means to lengthen the muscles and budge the joints of players. Range of motion routines can be deemed as routines for loosening the body. The primary advantage of this type of exercise is that it assists in the entire body’s movement compared to separating a particular spot or muscle. Players can try out lunge twists, spine flexions or sumo squats for this part of the warm-up program.

Keeping these tips to heart, which are very particular to the sport, will guarantee that every player will be prepared physically and mentally for practice, training or competition. Together with a healthy diet and regular exercise, players will be capable of improving their agility, power, strength, core, speed, and footwork.

Some players might overlook warm-up exercises however this is a very vital phase for players. Every player should be disciplined and informed enough to know its importance in the sport.   



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