Picking the Best Tennis Coach for You

Looking for the right tennis coach or instructor can be a challenge. Most instructors are either people who have played in university or high school and do look rationally great when playing the game. However, they have minimal teaching experiences in actuality. Here are some of the things you need to remember when choosing an exceptional tennis instructor.

  1. Has proper credentials and education for the job

Make sure that the potential tennis instructor has studied the fundamentals of education and are knowledgeable about right technique. The instructor should have taken courses in the fundamentals of teaching advancements and coaching for the sport. The coach should also have a certification by the USPTA or the US Pro Tennis Association or the PTR (Pro Tennis Registry).

Make sure to ask the instructor his or her NTRP rating. This checks foor if they have been exceptionally ranked in the USTA, the ages and skill levels of the students he or she worked with, the kinds of locations in which they have trained or taught, if they were certified nationally and the amount of years they have been teaching the sport.

Do not forget to acquire an understanding of their level of dedication to their job, maturity, professionalism and his or her personality type. Check whether they are capable of communicating with you clearly and efficiently.

  1. Anticipate fast, positive results

You are paying money to perfect your technique, so you have the absolute right to anticipate excellent results sooner or later. In case understanding your instructor’s lessons becomes a challenge for you and you are not advancing to a level you expect, you need to insist on gaining speedy results now, not later.

Tennis coaches who are exceptional in their approach train students who will begin enhancing their game with the initial lessons and will continue to become better with every consecutive lesson.

  1. Sufficient years and experience on the job

There are no alternatives for experience, however, experiences for teaching tennis can be acquired in a range of settings. They can be had in junior and adult camps, country clubs, year-round outdoor and indoor facilities and vice versa.

The teaching experience that an instructor acquires at a children’s camp in the summer fares low compared to one attained at a perennial indoor or outdoor club. This experience will have an impact on the quality of the tennis lessons.

  1. Has experiences teaching varied age groups and skill levels

Variety regarding ages and skill levels need diverse approaches and methods for teaching the sport. If the instructor has spent most of his or her time teaching kids or beginners, he or she will struggle to give the right instruction to adults. The capabilities needed to train and teach one person are also different compared to teaching to a whole group.

Inquire instructors the amount of time they have spent teaching and training individuals of different age and skill levels and whether he or she has taught one person only every time or teaches groups.

  1. Knowledgeable on proper technique

Knowledge of the sport is crucial, and an excellent tennis instructor acquires it from the exceptional effort he or she has produced to teach and train himself or herself. The instructor needs to have watched a great number of instructional videos, read enough literature on tennis instruction and attended lots of workshops and courses on good stroke technique. Ask the potential instructor how they acquired their knowledge of the sport.   



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