Make Your Own Backyard Tennis Court

More and more people are getting into tennis because it is a great physical activity. If you want to further your game, you can build a backyard tennis court.

A grass backyard tennis court makes for a pretty easy setup and maintenance. Meanwhile, if you want something more heavy-duty, you can opt for a concrete tennis court. Building a concrete court though will require a specialist for the job. You can ask for a consultation from construction firms that specialize in home tennis courts.

Before going to construction firms though, you need to gather some important information like factors that can affect the area from electricity, water, your budget for the project and the details of the area space. Depending on the information you have on hand, construction firms provide a plan and an approximation for building the tennis court. It is recommended that interested parties must consult with not just one construction company before proceeding with the project.

Grass Backyard Tennis Court Plan

You will need a flat and level surface for a tennis court at home. A standard court for the home measures 78 x 36 ft. and if you have this area space available, then much better. However, if you have a smaller yard, you can opt for a tennis court that measures 27 ft. wide. This is good enough for a singles game. As soon as you have space, here are some of the things you need to do.

  1. Remove items that can hinder the setup of stones, pebbles, rocks, debris, bushes and vice versa.
  2. Using a shovel or spade, reverse the soil. This will help in uncovering fresh soil from beneath, and it will also help cut dry, brown grass.
  3. If you do not have a roller, rent one from a hardware shop and use it all over the playing surface. This will firm up the playing area and help make it even.
  4. As soon as the playing surface is level, scatter grass seeds on the ground, water it properly and the grass will grow there eventually.
  5. When the grass grows to 19 mm. which is the height recommended for a tennis game, you could begin marking the spot with some spray paint.
  6. Purchase a net and mount it on the court. Position two poles on the sides nearby in which the net will be tied up. The net has to be tightly tied and fixed straight. As soon as the net is set up, you can begin playing a game of tennis. We recommend the Net World Sports Tennis Net on Amazon.

Budget for Construction

Making a backyard tennis court might appear to be a simple concept however you do need a budget for it. The appearance of the backyard court, its durability and design will all depend on the amount you are willing to spend for the project. Plan a budget carefully and see the amount of money you can spend and where you want those expenses to go.

You have to consider that building a concrete backyard tennis court will take some time. Guarantee that you are willing to allow enough time to the project or else the area will be full of errors after the setup. You need to ask construction companies for the methods they use and how they are going to set out the court. Review their earlier experience for getting into those type of projects, discover their delivery period and approximate how good and quick your project can be accomplished.       

Sometimes, there can be challenges with maintaining a grass tennis court. The video below gives a great explanation of some of the risks in having a grass tennis court, which you might want to be familiar with before creating one in your own backyard.

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