How to enjoy tennis into older age

Enjoying Tennis at Older Ages

One great thing I love about tennis in general is the fact that you can enjoy it well into your later years of life. I want to discuss a few ways to ensure you can continue to enjoying tennis. Check out my tips and tricks below to see what I am talking about.

Do a light walk before beginning

I have talked about warming up many times before. As you grow older, you need to ensure even more that you are doing a warm-up before jumping into playing or even stretching. The number one way to warm up in my personal experience is to simply walk. Yes that is right, just walk. Whether it is simply around the tennis court for 10 minutes or you decide to walk around the park that you are playing at. Doing some walking will get your heart pumping and blood flowing. You can literally feel the warm up.

It is so essential to get the blood pumping prior to exerting a ton of extra force ! Never ever just jump right into a game. Even if you do not have a lot of time, take a few minutes out of your play time to simply walk and warm up your body before you begin swinging that racquet feverishly!

Do a simple tennis warm up back and forth

Before getting in the competitive spirit with your friends (or enemies), make sure you simply hit the ball back and forth a little while to get your arms loose and your focus on the ball. Doing so will give you a far more enjoyable tennis match. Check out this video I found on some simple warm ups you can do before your match!

Play tennis on a safe court

I can not stress this enough. Make sure the court is clean and safe. What I mean is make sure there is not sand , dust or debris on the tennis court especially if you are playing on a concrete court. I have seen even young agile players take a nasty spill by running over an area on the court they did not realize have sand on it. Another thing is to make sure the fence installation around the court you are about to play on is adequate and there are no jagged sticking out edges out of any of the sides or corners of the fences. This is also extremely important because you do not want to run into any jagged edges of the fence.

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