We started Tennis Tips, Tricks and Training because we have a passion for tennis and we wanted to share it with other fellow tennis players. These days, we humans aren’t as active as we used to be. It’s become easier and easier to just stay on our phones and computers all day, and people really don’t get as much physical exercise as they ought to. To add insult to injury, not only do we lack exposure to the outdoors and exercise, we’re also becoming more and more isolated as the years go on. The authors of this website believe that tennis is a solution to all three of these problems.

Here are the three reasons we think tennis is great, and you should too.

1. Exposure to the Outdoors and Nature

It’s no secret that prolonged periods of time spent indoors can be bad for your health. Sometimes it can seem more fun to just stay inside, however. Tennis makes going outside fun, and gets you the sun exposure you need for proper vitamin D levels and overall well-being.

two tennis balls on grass

2. Makes Exercise Fun By Turning It Into a Game

Exercise has been proved to have many health benefits, from stress reduction, improved cardiovascular health, more endorphins, more confidence, and the list goes on. Some forms of exercise can be quite boring or repetitive to certain kinds of people, like running on a treadmill. Tennis, on the other hand, is a game, which makes it much more fun. It has built-in goals and objectives and gives people a sense of meaningful progress when they engage in it. We don’t see any reason why people should force themselves to do exercise they find boring. Instead, we believe people should find forms of exercise they find extremely fun and engaging, especially if it involves a game of some sort.

tennis ball

3. Social Interaction and Accountability

In this day and age, we also don’t socialize as much as we used to and we are increasingly isolated. Even though life is supposed to be easier than ever before, rates of depression and anxiety have skyrocketed for a variety of reasons, one of them being the increasing feeling of isolation and lack of community. We think that tennis is a great way to bring people together. Another great benefit is accountability. Because tennis requires two players, you can often team up with a friend and become accountability partners. This helps people stay accountable to their exercise programs. Instead of relying on themselves alone to go to the gym, they make it a mutual commitment between themselves and a friend to always meet on particular days at particular times to play tennis.

Happy Woman Playing Tennis

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