Picking the Best Tennis Coach for You

Looking for the right tennis coach or instructor can be a challenge. Most instructors are either people who have played in university or high school and do look rationally great when playing the game. However, they have minimal teaching experiences in actuality. Here are some of the things you need to remember when choosing an exceptional tennis instructor.

  1. Has proper credentials and education for the job

Make sure that the potential tennis instructor has studied the fundamentals of education and are knowledgeable about right technique. The instructor should have taken courses in the fundamentals of teaching advancements and coaching for the sport. The coach should also have a certification by the USPTA or the US Pro Tennis Association or the PTR (Pro Tennis Registry).

Make sure to ask the instructor his or her NTRP rating. This checks foor if they have been exceptionally ranked in the USTA, the ages and skill levels of the students he or she worked with, the kinds of locations in which they have trained or taught, if they were certified nationally and the amount of years they have been teaching the sport.

Do not forget to acquire an understanding of their level of dedication to their job, maturity, professionalism and his or her personality type. Check whether they are capable of communicating with you clearly and efficiently.

  1. Anticipate fast, positive results

You are paying money to perfect your technique, so you have the absolute right to anticipate excellent results sooner or later. In case understanding your instructor’s lessons becomes a challenge for you and you are not advancing to a level you expect, you need to insist on gaining speedy results now, not later.

Tennis coaches who are exceptional in their approach train students who will begin enhancing their game with the initial lessons and will continue to become better with every consecutive lesson.

  1. Sufficient years and experience on the job

There are no alternatives for experience, however, experiences for teaching tennis can be acquired in a range of settings. They can be had in junior and adult camps, country clubs, year-round outdoor and indoor facilities and vice versa.

The teaching experience that an instructor acquires at a children’s camp in the summer fares low compared to one attained at a perennial indoor or outdoor club. This experience will have an impact on the quality of the tennis lessons.

  1. Has experiences teaching varied age groups and skill levels

Variety regarding ages and skill levels need diverse approaches and methods for teaching the sport. If the instructor has spent most of his or her time teaching kids or beginners, he or she will struggle to give the right instruction to adults. The capabilities needed to train and teach one person are also different compared to teaching to a whole group.

Inquire instructors the amount of time they have spent teaching and training individuals of different age and skill levels and whether he or she has taught one person only every time or teaches groups.

  1. Knowledgeable on proper technique

Knowledge of the sport is crucial, and an excellent tennis instructor acquires it from the exceptional effort he or she has produced to teach and train himself or herself. The instructor needs to have watched a great number of instructional videos, read enough literature on tennis instruction and attended lots of workshops and courses on good stroke technique. Ask the potential instructor how they acquired their knowledge of the sport.   



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Choosing a Tennis Racket

There are many tennis racket brands these days. Choosing can be easy—you simply look at the brands the top pros of the game are using. However, before settling into a product, you need to consider your size and age.

For the majority of beginners and intermediate players, it is recommended that they select shorter tennis rackets to gain more dexterity. For advanced players, the length of the tennis should be considered more. It is also suggested that players know the best racket on the market and their specifications. Check out the stiffness of the frame, its parts and the weight of the product.

A racket’s body weight is essential since it will have an impact on the player’s capability to hit the ball. It also influences the hit’s steadiness. Heavier rackets usually give players steadiness when it comes to their strikes. Lighter ones meanwhile are capable of swinging faster compared to heavier rackets. In addition, remember that the stiffer a racket, the bigger shock it will produce in the player’s fingers.

More Factors to Consider

There are varying opinions when it comes to factors that people should think through on tennis rackets. As mentioned earlier, the racket you will get should be based on your size or body type. Experts often recommend that students use a racket that is relatively light and has an even or head-heavy balance. The head-heavy racket does not mean heavy—the term usually applies to the manner in which the general racket weight is distributed.

For instance, if you are currently using a 3-pound racket but there are 2.8 pounds concentrated in its grip, the item would be considered as a head-light racket but truly heavy in general. One of the best means to find out if the racket is head-light or head-heavy is to out the item to the test.

First, you need to determine the racket’s center point. This refers to the point that is located halfway between the rackets two ends. Next, you need to take the item and attempt at balancing it on the index finger as the center point. In case it drops toward the head, the racket is then head-heavy, and if it drops toward the grip, it is head-light. If the racket remains balanced, then it is a neutral racket.

Qualities to Look For in Rackets

For beginners, a lighter racket is recommended because this will help guarantee that novices do not injure their playing arm as they go through lessons in proper technique. A head-heavy racket progresses through the air with minimal physical effort compared to a head-light racket. This lets players concentrate on gathering effortless strokes without exerting too much.

As the players gets to improve over the course of lessons and training, they might change to a head-light racket since it gives players more control particularly when it comes to more complex swing speeds.

An excellent tennis racket is an investment and they are not cheap so make sure to test one out before a purchase.



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How to Improve Your Game in Tennis

One of the keys to taking your tennis play to another level is through comprehending the basics of top tennis strokes. The technique can be depicted as the manner in which the player swings or utilizes the body to get the shot. The method to enhance tennis technique is through a complete understanding of the basics. This will let layers supplement their play with the right method.

A good way to get some insight on how the top players in the field get hits is through watching them move. Watch how the pros do it; get into video clips of greats like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Andy Roddick. Watch slow motion videos of these players, check out how they execute their forehand and backhand.

All of the greats in the sport have correct techniques so if you want to become better in your game, just concentrate on advancing your tennis strokes to go smoothly, without breaking down in the heat of the game. Expert tennis play means possessing a stroke that is efficient and adjustable to different conditions.

There are in fact three areas of technique for the sport and strategies on how to utilize and let players improve their play.

  1. Preparation and positioning

These factors are important when it comes to a tennis game. When it comes to ground strokes, the backhand and forehand are the primary spots that players should concentrate on. For instance, the forehand must be set off with a complete turn of the body instead of a back swing. The same principles also apply for the backhand. The backhand is not only a mere stroke but a movement that requires players to twist their body. Proper backhands involve mobility of the trunk and once performed properly, the ball correctly comes off the racket at the right speed.

Technique for the backhand and forehand does not need lots of strength but just good technique that will give players the results they need on each shot. Master the primary aspects of ground stroke preparation, and it will let you get better shots on a steady basis.

  1. Positioning and balance

The factors mentioned above merged with the right technique are crucial as the players become aware of the game’s techniques. By then they are ready to be introduced to new strategies. Players should make sure that they hit the ball back in court each time and concentrate on producing more unforced errors. Bit by bit, you will be capable of becoming a smarter player.

  1. Tennis strategies

Strategies for the sport are as important as technique. A great tennis strategy involves always making opponents guess each move you make, so he has no idea of your next shot. This leads to an opponent that is unsure. Tennis strategy engages players to contemplate about the right way they can take on the next shot.

Pros more often than not do not just sprint all over the court chasing the ball without having established a purpose. Their techniques are perfect since they can sprint the shot selection. This is also due to the fact that they can execute the fundamentals correctly. Hence the basics are something beginner players should perfect first. That way, they can flawlessly perform their technique and at the same time, think up of a matching nice strategy to gain points.   



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Make Your Own Backyard Tennis Court

More and more people are getting into tennis because it is a great physical activity. If you want to further your game, you can build a backyard tennis court.

A grass backyard tennis court makes for a pretty easy setup and maintenance. Meanwhile, if you want something more heavy-duty, you can opt for a concrete tennis court. Building a concrete court though will require a specialist for the job. You can ask for a consultation from construction firms that specialize in home tennis courts.

Before going to construction firms though, you need to gather some important information like factors that can affect the area from electricity, water, your budget for the project and the details of the area space. Depending on the information you have on hand, construction firms provide a plan and an approximation for building the tennis court. It is recommended that interested parties must consult with not just one construction company before proceeding with the project.

Grass Backyard Tennis Court Plan

You will need a flat and level surface for a tennis court at home. A standard court for the home measures 78 x 36 ft. and if you have this area space available, then much better. However, if you have a smaller yard, you can opt for a tennis court that measures 27 ft. wide. This is good enough for a singles game. As soon as you have space, here are some of the things you need to do.

  1. Remove items that can hinder the setup of stones, pebbles, rocks, debris, bushes and vice versa.
  2. Using a shovel or spade, reverse the soil. This will help in uncovering fresh soil from beneath, and it will also help cut dry, brown grass.
  3. If you do not have a roller, rent one from a hardware shop and use it all over the playing surface. This will firm up the playing area and help make it even.
  4. As soon as the playing surface is level, scatter grass seeds on the ground, water it properly and the grass will grow there eventually.
  5. When the grass grows to 19 mm. which is the height recommended for a tennis game, you could begin marking the spot with some spray paint.
  6. Purchase a net and mount it on the court. Position two poles on the sides nearby in which the net will be tied up. The net has to be tightly tied and fixed straight. As soon as the net is set up, you can begin playing a game of tennis. We recommend the Net World Sports Tennis Net on Amazon.

Budget for Construction

Making a backyard tennis court might appear to be a simple concept however you do need a budget for it. The appearance of the backyard court, its durability and design will all depend on the amount you are willing to spend for the project. Plan a budget carefully and see the amount of money you can spend and where you want those expenses to go.

You have to consider that building a concrete backyard tennis court will take some time. Guarantee that you are willing to allow enough time to the project or else the area will be full of errors after the setup. You need to ask construction companies for the methods they use and how they are going to set out the court. Review their earlier experience for getting into those type of projects, discover their delivery period and approximate how good and quick your project can be accomplished.       

Sometimes, there can be challenges with maintaining a grass tennis court. The video below gives a great explanation of some of the risks in having a grass tennis court, which you might want to be familiar with before creating one in your own backyard.

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Tennis: An Essential Sport

There is no age limit when it comes to learning how to play tennis. Kids can even learn the sport as young as three years old. There are people though who think about picking up the sport at a later stage in their life. Regardless, knowing how to play the sport is crucial. Here are some reasons why the sport is considered an essential form of activity.

  1. Tennis is great exercise

Tennis is an active, physical sport and it requires a good amount of effort. Expect the sport to give players the cardio workout they need. Hence, tennis can be considered a kind of exercise. It engages players to sprint, runs and stretches for the ball. It involves not only physical strength and agility, but it also requires mental capability. Many have taken up tennis because it gives them a great overall workout.

  1. Tennis gets the mind going

It was mentioned earlier that tennis also involves mental capability apart from physical strength. The sport requires players to be mentally tough and alert particularly competitive players. Picking the proper shot at the right time is even more crucial compared to just lobbing the ball hard. This entails the mind to be flexible and nimble at all times so players can easily anticipate the proper shot and gain points.

  1. Tennis enhances an individual’s self-esteem and social interaction

No man is an island, that is what they say. We need to interact with various individuals daily. Tennis provides individuals the chance to interact and mingle with other people by means of an entertaining and pleasant setting. It helps individuals to form groups with other people or join one. Playing tennis allows individuals to help them grow as individuals. While not all of us are champion players, being able to hit the ball right back gives most players a quick sense of satisfaction, hence boosting self-esteem.

  1. Tennis enhances mental preparedness

Tennis engages players to completely concentrate and perform an action in mere seconds. For players who compete in tournaments, the sport allows them to enhance their self-esteem and value. Players need to be capable of accepting defeat and move on to the next match. Losing in this sport keeps players’ feet on the ground. It teaches players how to be an excellent sport and be happy with the turnout. Individuals do need to know that there is much more to life than just winning competitions.

  1. Tennis is recommended for young children

If you have the chance, you must let your kids learn how to play the sport. Tennis helps them progress mentally and physically. The sport also gives them the chance to apply for scholarships to different universities. Playing the sport gives them mental strength and capability. The physical factors of the sport also allow them to be fitter, toned and stronger.

  1. Tennis can be a means for a steady income for individuals

Tennis can turn into a job for several individuals who want to get involved with the sport for a long time. Retired competitive players can choose to coach players who want to know and hone their technique. Being a coach can be a rewarding job because you will see your players improve their game and win competitions.



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